Block Visitors from a Country

Having a website but you don't want to add new products? Thinking that competitor might copy the products & its features (Especially Exporters).


You don't want visitors of specific countries to view your website because of many fraud cases.


You are running a promotion for certain countries and you don’t want visitors from other country to see it.

Well, one of the solution to that is block websites from those specific countries using .htaccess, but for that you must first need to know the IP address range.

We came across this wonderful tool. Block A Country helps you automatically generate .htaccess file with countries that you want to block, which you can upload & block the visitors from any region or country. Just select the countries from the list and click the “Go” button. You will then need to create a .htaccess file at the root of your public html folder and paste the codes to that file. Please note that the default code generated by Block A Country redirects the unwanted visitor to which you can modify if you want.

Its Easy, its simple & its free!!!

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