Future of Search Engine Optimization

The seo challenge is yet to come!

Google, Yahoo and MSN give us our freedom to index and find millions of sites in our lives. For years now we have been hopping on and off of them, using them at will. aid sponsors supporting the cost. But how much longer will we be able to freely jump on and off of them as we do today?

The day is soon coming when you will get a online bill every month from Google. A bill for the use of their search engine.

This is how we see it happening.

In about 9-24 months, Google will announce the creation of a new exclusive search engine, with many bells and whistles, for a monthly FEE. Google will then keep the public main large engine FREE, but slowly stripping away some of the high end toys and applying them to the pay per use engine.

We all know how hard Google has worked to make many competitive Microsoft products such as:
google Spreadsheet over Excel
google Word over MS Word
Gmail over Outlook

Now all we need do is wait for Google to finish developing a operating system. Once they have that, we will no longer need to buy Microsoft products.

Imagine walking into best buy and buying your next PC, fully loaded with "Google factory", (We made that name up) You will get a operating system, free email, spreadsheet, word processor, and the best search engine, all for a "nominal" FEE. Not sure about the "Nominal" part of that last sentence, but it will be a FEE.

Today on Google Earth, you get a slow tease of what it does, but for a fee of JUST $19.95 per month, the darn thing will work right.

Google's passion to eliminate MSN "The Evil Empire" grows strong. This obsession to re-create what Microsoft was, has Google racing.

Google's search performance is failing, SEO's like us have contaminated the real linking strategy. Page two on Google is being seen now more than ever, because the quality of the serps now have little relevance over content and are artificially baked in by good linking, by good SEO's.

The fight rages on between Google and MSN. They are fighting for a cash cow! Google is pulling on the tail while MSN is pulling on the head of the cow, but under the cow, is Yahoo, drinking the milk!

Google's tool bar has been accumulating data for a couple years now. The data is very comprehensive, based on the patent application back in 2004. The tool bar gives Google much better data about what SERPs to place at the top, based on real user experiences.

One morning soon we will all wake up to the new Google, and when that day comes, so many of us will be upside down. All the hours of linking will be in the trash! and content will be king for the first time. But your sites and your clients sites may be in a place similar to what we use to call the "Sand Box". Gone for a while.

Today, we have to concentrate on content and user experience.

Google SEO's should be ready for change. and now keep a stronger focus on Yahoo. When that morning does come, and Google moves its algorithm around the tool bar, while devaluating linking, at least you will have Yahoo serps still up and going.

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